Let's Start Your Journey!

Thank you for contacting me today! I am so excited for the opportunity to have you as a client. I answer all emails within 72 hours, if you do not get a reply, please email me again. 

**Covid-19 Update

With all the changes happening around us, I have made some new guidelines for my sessions effective immediately:

*Shooting In Distance

At your session, I will be sure to keep a safe 6ft. distance from my clients as recommended by the CDC. 

*Group of 5 people and/or less

I will only shoot families with 5 people or less. If your group exceeds this number, I will not be able to photograph you. I apologize for the inconvenience.

*Disinfecting While Outdoors

I will arrive at each session with hand sanitizer and will use that throughout the session. I will also have a mask with me and if you feel more comfortable with me wearing it, I will happily put it on for the duration of our session, just please let me know.

*No personal contact policy

In the spirit of “social distancing” I will avoid any personal contact with my clients during the session and that includes: hugs, hand-shakes, moving/touching hair or clothes while shooting. I will try my best to direct you from a safe distance. 

*One Session Per Day

I will only be scheduling ONE session per day