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  • Please be advised: If you are contacting me for a cultural photo shoot, my prices do not include the cultural attire - cultural attire is a separate cost.
  • Network: If you are interested in a cultural shoot, I work with Pj Petersen (Instagram: @anamua.co), Susan Manuma (Instagram: @Brazen Culture) and Tehina Tafiti (Instagram: @TauiviDesigns.
  • We appreciate your patience as we receive a high volume of inquiries daily, we kindly ask that you please do not send us multiple emails.

Now booking January & February 2023

(My 2022 calendar is closed)

*A non-refundable deposit is due at the time of booking. Deposit is credited to the total cost of the collection.​ *Prices shown are subject to a 4.712% Hawaii general excise tax.​ *Additional fee for groups of 9 or more to be added to the packages *Prices are subject to change